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Mission Statement

Conscience is dedicated to healing communication for individuals, CEO's, teams, and businesses by providing unique coaching tools delivered with trust, empathy, and authenticity


  • Encouraging every participant to apply their personal story to create a diverse, inclusive, and transforming space for all.

  • Conscience will provide tools for transformational listening to individual and group training's. In order to achieve this vision we will:

    • Provide opportunities for participants from all walks of life

    • Engage in Life Coaching tools through dance vernaculr, Critical Reflection, Consciousness Raising, and Cultural Responsiveness

    • Provide Critical Reflection and Introspection to participants, who aspire to heal oppression internally and externally


  1. Individual Transformation: We embrace transformation for each individual in order to create change. Letting the individual become aware of self creates awareness in the whole group.

  2. Experience: We encourage everyone to bring their personal and unique stories. 

  3. Community: We become a community when we are resourceful to all. Breaking down the hierarchy of leader and follower allows room for innovation.